Dressing For Your Body Type: Handbags

When shopping for a new handbag this season, consider your body type. Handbags come in a variety of shapes, styles, fabrics and colours. They are designed, not only to hold your belongings, but also to make a fashion statement. When categorizing handbags, you should think of them in two different ways – the shape of the bag and the way you carry it. A clutch is a type of handbag that doesn’t have handles. It can be carried in your hand or tucked under your arm. Throughout the history of handbags, clutches have been relatively small and often reserved for evenings. Clutches can hold your keys, driver’s license, a lipstick and that’s about it.

However in recent years, the “oversized” clutch has grown in popularity. Not every handbag is ideal for every woman. Generally speaking, when it comes to handbags, the opposite shape of your body type is the most flattering. When shopping, head to the dressing room, carry the bag as you normally would and check it out from all angles in the mirror. These bags are designed the same as a regular clutch but they are much larger and can carry all your essentials. Clutches can be soft-bodied, framed or even hard-cased. They come in variety of shapes and materials, including silk, patent leather and sequined fabrics.

A clutch can be closed with a fold-over flap, top closure, zipper, push lock, drawstring or any number other types of closures. Clutch bags for sale UK are casual bags are often made from canvas. Tote bags are open at the top and usually have only one main compartment. Large shoulder bags for sale are very big. When over your shoulder, tote bags usually fall around elbow length. Tote bags are good for the beach, outdoor activities or shopping. If your body type is tall and thin, choose handbags with a short, slouchy shape like the hobo. Avoid shoulder bags with a short strap as they will make you look even taller. Select handbags that are wider than they are tall. A clutch is a good choice. On the opposite end, despite what you see in Hollywood, oversized bags aren’t for small women. Large bags tend to overwhelm your frame. Avoid shoulder bags with a long strap as they will weigh you down, making you look even shorter. If your body shape is plus sized, pick a large structured or boxy bag to balance out your curves.

Don’t carry a bag that is too small as it will make you look larger. If you love prints, steer clear of tiny patterns. If you are splurging on an expensive bag, choose one that you will be able to wear often. There’s no need to spend £500 or more on a bag that will rarely make it out of your closet. If you are buying several inexpensive bags instead, pick one classic everyday bag in black or brown. Then, experiment with fun, funky styles and metallic for your other bags. If you aren’t sure about the different types of purses and bags, on the next page are some general guidelines to help you along the way.