Decorating Your Hotel Interiors

When you own a hotel business you need to be above the game and all other competition and the way to do that is to beat out the rival hotels in their offerings. Everyone loves a good holiday or weekend away and when it comes to going away, everyone looks for the most cost effective, attractive hotel. In the same way Marks and Spencers tend to beat out their competitors by packaging alone, you’ll be looking for an aesthetically pleasing hotel that looks amazing. It’s judging a book by its cover in the biggest possible way. There are so many things a hotel can do to make itself stand out and they don’t always have to cost a lot of money either. To that end we have put together this little guide for you so you can maybe implement these things into your hotel and thus gain more custom:

  • Animal shaped towels. Okay so we totally stole this idea from cruise lines but when customers walk into their room and see the amount of care that has gone into the tidying of their room it is so worth it. The animal-shaped towels are also a big hit with younger guests and guessing the next towel of the day is a fun game. It’s a talking point and what you want is guests to be talking about your hotel and all it can offer.
  • Decorative mirrors. Companies like restore mirrors into window frames so investing one of these frames for your hotel can really make a statement and have guests talking. It’s something so unusual and therefore a talking point. Word of mouth really matters and review companies are very popular with potential holiday makers.
  • Recognise their important dates. So simple, so effective. When your guests make a booking, taking a note of the dates of birth of those in the room or asking for the reason of their stay and discovering one of your guests has a birthday or anniversary is a way in to make something special happen. Have a token gift in their room waiting. Yes this may involve a small cost but if your guest decides to book again with you and this is based on your attention to detail, then word will travel fast and you will be recognised for that!
  • Everyone has to eat and asking the guests their dinner plans is a great conversation starter. Don’t just big up your own hotel restaurant though, find out what your guest is up for that evening and if that doesn’t suit your restaurant’s menu you can be helpful and recommend a suitable eatery nearby.
  • Decorate! Dot beautiful vases stuffed with seasonal flowers around the hotel and make sure they are fresh. Lilies especially have such a distinctive aroma that you can smell it a floor away. How about funky hall mirrors? Ordering large mirrors from can expand the light and sense of space in otherwise narrow corridors outside rooms. All these little touches can show love and care have gone into thinking about your customer and their needs. These things make you memorable as a business, remember that!